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The Wisconsin Feargrounds is excited to announce that we have chosen two charities dear to our hearts to support this year.  We're proud to support Hero's Hunt for Veterans and the Lupus Foundation of America.


The Patriots at Heroes’ Hunt believes that every citizen owes a debt to those that are willing to risk the most to ensure our freedom.  Their volunteers want to show their respect and gratitude to those that were willing to make that sacrifice by sharing their love of the outdoors.  They believe that all hardships that we face are not barriers that stop us, but are merely obstacles that together we can overcome.  By overcoming the mental and physical barriers that prevent our wounded vets from experiencing the thrill of the hunt, they hope to continue their healing and achieve peace in their new life after combat.  By showing others what can be achieved, regardless of limitations, they hope to inspire all to reach their highest goals​. For more information, visit:


The Lupus Foundation of America, Wisconsin Chapter is part of a national force devoted to solving the cruel mystery of lupus while providing caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact.

With the help of informed volunteers, lupus medical experts, and committed and caring supporters, we:

  • Support research and conduct education programs so everyone affected by lupus can have an improved quality of life;

  • Provide information to ensure people with lupus and their families get answers and health professionals know about new means to diagnose and manage the disease; and,

  • Conduct activities to increase awareness of lupus, rally public support for those who are affected by lupus, and advocate on their behalf. 

  For more information, visit:

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