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haunted houses

Two terrifying haunted houses for one great price. Select your ticket type and the night you want to fill with nightmares and leave the rest to us! With 20 years of scares in our pocket, we're ready to fill your night with Fear.


In the heart of the Wisconsin Feargrounds lies a sinister and foreboding place known simply as "The Compound." This sprawling complex, hidden deep within the depths of the haunted grounds, serves as the home to a host of malevolent creatures and nightmarish beings. Within its decaying walls, a sense of darkness and chaos hangs heavy in the air, as the tormented souls that dwell within its confines unleash their twisted desires upon unsuspecting visitors.


At the center of this macabre compound resides Sketchy's Chambers, a nightmarish abode inhabited by Sketchy, a dark clown from the haunting era of the 1970s. Sketchy, once an entertainer at a long-forgotten circus, met a tragic fate when a fire ravaged the big top, leaving him scarred and burned. In his disfigured state, Sketchy retreated into seclusion, finding solace within the eerie embrace of the Wisconsin Feargrounds.

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