haunted houses


The Wisconsin Feargrounds has housed the most terrorized spirits for decades.  The last year brought a purge like the grounds had never seen.  What survived that purge was only the worst of the worst.  These tortured souls can now be found in the confines of their very own Compound.


The leader of the Feargrounds' misfits is none other than the saddest clown of the bunch, Sketchy.  He's roamed the Expo grounds since the beginning and he built his reputation on his ruthless treatment of anyone crazy enough to visit his grounds.  Welcome to his home...Sketchy's Chambers.


The fear of the unknown has finally reached the Compound at the Wisconsin Feargrounds and its name...is Contagion.

Mass hysteria has ensued and all social order has been lost with the discovery of an unexplained flesh eating virus. The horde has tried to contain this gel like substance stored in discarded containers, but their efforts are failing...


Will you make it out? Or just become one of them?