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COVID Safety Procedures

Before we get into it...

  • Please stay home if you’re not feeling well. Our staff will do the same.

  • Credit cards are the only form of payment we are allowing this year. Do us a solid here (as in plastic). All tickets must be purchased online and will be reservation based (time slotted) this year and, due to limited attendance, line wait times will be greatly reduced. 

  • All queues will be physically distanced so please pay attention to all marking regarding where to stand and where not to. This year we will have both indoor and outdoor queueing so please dress accordingly.

  • Forgot your hand sanitizer? No problem! We’ve got you covered with plenty of hand sanitizer stations positioned throughout the haunt and waiting areas.

  • Hand washing stations will also be available on the event grounds.

  • Please thank our Clean Team. Extra effort will be placed on sanitation this year, so when you see them, let them know you appreciate what they’re doing to keep everyone safe.

  • Less waiting, smaller groups, more spacing…it’s what our customers have always wanted!

  • Attendance will be extremely limited each night. Get your tickets early; we sell out many nights and time slots.

  • Anything hanging that you would need to push or squeeze through has been removed or spaced so you can get around it without touching it.

  • All actors will be wearing masks, duh! PPE masks will be worn under theatrical masks and makeup. Additionally, all staff are temperature screened and confirmed to be symptom free at the beginning of every evening.

  • All guests will be required to wear a facial covering inside all areas of the attraction. Halloween is all about masks so wear yours and bling it out for the season. Forgot your mask, no problem, we have some for sale at the box office.

  • The attraction is deeply sanitized at the end of every evening. As we have said repeatedly, we have always placed the utmost importance on your safety, and this year we’re giving you 110% (you know that’s really not a thing and just a figure of speech saying we’re doing our best, and that you can’t really give more than 100%, right? Ok, good.)

  • We know it’s dark out, but please read all signage and watch your feet. There will be plenty of informational and directional signage. We know it’s boring, but it’s important.

  • Waiting line markings (as well as event staff) will direct you where it is safe to stand to help us practice social distancing.

  • Please stay only with your group. Heck, this isn’t bad advice normally, this isn’t the place to be picking up strangers.

  • Household groups only. You will not be combined with anyone outside of the group you arrive with so please only attend with your cohorts (we just wanted to say cohorts).

  • This year, we will be emphasizing maximum spacing between groups. Even with all of these precautions, we may still need your help. If you can see the group in front of you, slow down; if you can see the group behind you, speed up!

  • No one will touch you when you are inside. C’mon folks, you know the drill; we won’t touch you, so please keep your hands to yourself.


The show may seem a little different this year, in a good way. More time and more space (both from other groups and from actors) will allow us to try some new and interesting ways to scare your socks off!


We can’t wait to safely celebrate the Halloween Season with you!


please take a minute and think about something with us. Haunted houses are not concerts, sporting events or theme parks. The nature of a haunted house is all about physical distancing; it always has been, it’s what we do normally. The attractions are linear and very seldom would you ever come within 6 feet of other patrons. You walk the attraction in a single file line with no wandering. We do everything we can to make you feel “alone”. But this year, we’re going above and beyond our normally safe and distanced methods of operation and taking it to the next level. So, here is the Cliff Notes version of what we are doing. If you want to read the entire Safety Plan, please click on this link.

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