Located in Waukesha Wisconsin
The 3 totally separate Haunted Houses make up the Wisconsin Fear Grounds! Celebrating our 10th year in 2013 we have taken FEAR to the next level. Others want you to think they are the newest, scariest or largest, (in their dreams). The Wisconsin Fear Grounds proves each night why we are the best and we strive to bring your Nightmares to life.

First enter Morgan Manor the corner stone of our trilogy of TERROR. Expect the unexpected as Morgana and her 8 sisters feed on your fear in this den of Horror.

All New for 2013 - CarnEvil - A Freak Show of Terror
Morgana and her wicked sisters have once again bewitched another new crop of minions to do their “EVIL” bidding. For those unsuspecting souls, Be Warned, things are about to get “Freaky” as a new evil greets you in the latest nightmare to lay claim the Wisconsin Fear Grounds, CarnEvil !

Welcome back for 2013, Unstable where nothing is at it appears. Join Bezel and his Hillbilly Horde as they torment you throughout their labyrinth of horror where human and animals have joined the walking dead. The horses are back, and so are your Screams.
The Wisconsin Fear Grounds is a Halloween tradition, never, ever come alone!

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